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There is no doubt to the fact that when it comes to how, where, or why buy fake money online. More questions are equally raised about the authenticity and legitimacy of the vendor before on can buy high quality fake money. Regardless of the several needs which pushes one to purchase fake money online, there is need to get the necessary questions answered.

At Bulk Nepgeld, we take pride in giving you the best experience when you buy fake money online from us. From answering your questions, right up to guiding you on how to buy high quality fake money, we are always at the customer’s service to give the best experience before they go ahead with their decision to purchase fake money.

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There’s no denying that the current pandemic has brought a lot of financial difficulties to many with most people now seeking to buy fake money online now as an alternative. Understandably so, the need to buy high quality fake money stems from the various financial responsibilities we have to go through everyday. Yes to purchase fake money remains illegal but given the high quality of these bills you can be rest assured to use them anywhere without any issues.

If you have interests to buy fake money online in bulk, then you are in the right place. At Bulk Nepgeld, you can buy high quality fake money in bulk to either start up a business, repay debts etc. Plus we you can purchase fake money in person, and pay cash on delivery. So why bother keeping your nose to the grindstone if you buy fake money online in bulk?

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We understand you have lots of questions which need to be answered, however, we have tried to come out with some of the most frequently asked questions clients ask before they make their decision to purchase fake money. Here we go…

Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk NepGeld is a vintage counterfeit money producer and seller dating as far back as the late 2000s. We've also sold in dark web markets such as Alphabay, Empire Market and Hamza which all have been taken down by the Feds forcing us to bring our services to the clearnet.  We are made up of real people and not bots dealing with counterfeit money for sale. We do good business ! We request and we offer seriousness.
You can not trust even your local businessman. The trust is earned in years. And that is why to build trust we do offer in person deliveries with the clients paying in cash when they buy fake money online from us. Also, we can not trust! Trust is reciprocal. Who knows? But we do business with any client as usual. If you keep a low profile and if you are a man of your word we can do long-term business together.
Our team will never scam people. As stated, we are always open for business and we do business with everyone.  Our team also can refund your order if something goes wrong. We do understand if you don't want to trust hence why we do offer in person deliveries when it comes to these legit fake money for sale. Thus you can buy fake money online and pay cash on delivery.
Cash on delivery payments are accepted only for clients who buy high quality fake money in bulk. For retail orders payments are done using bitcoins and monero
Tracking codes are giving when your order is shipped using the courier. If you buy legit counterfeit money in person there is no track code. If you take the retail order, then it will be shipped and track code will be given to your once your order is shipped.  NB when it comes to these legit fake money for sale, we do not do in person deliveries for order below our minimum bulk order. 
YES! Your shipping information is 100% Safe with us. Whatever information you share with us with respect to these legit notes for sale
stay with us and gets deleted after each transaction. The only persons who can access your data are the couriers and the person who have the ORDER TRACK CODE. DO NOT SHARE YOUR ORDER TRACK CODE WITH ANYONE! If we get caught with records of our buyers it will make the criminal charges against us far worse. Because of that we take your privacy & anonymity extremely seriously. Records are purged on a daily basis. We do this primarily to protect ourselves and also our clients. 
Answer: YES! You can use your home address. When you buy legit counterfeit money for sale, nobody will know what is in your package. And even somebody who opens the hidden content of your package will find you are earning from an annual contest. We have some local businesses who work with us. If you opt for the retail order for these legit fake money for sale, our team will make you a winner of a local contest. You will receive the money LEGAL 100%. In that way there is no suspicion even if accidentally gets opened by someone other than you.
Clients can be customize their orders to suit their preferences and taste.
We print these high quality fake bank notes in Euros and USD for now. The current technology we have permits us to print just those 2 currencies. Hopefully with time we will add more. 
The minimum bulk order for these legit notes for sale stands at 60000 for USD and 70000 for Euros. You must be ordering from those amounts and above before you become eligible for bulk purchases and the privileges it comes with.
They work perfectly at the ATMs and pass the ATM sensors just exactly in the manner real money would.
Our banknotes pass 100% the UV and PEN TEST. You can exchange it at your local EXCHANGE. Nobody will know that is a fake one.
There is no limit to how much you can order in person. We can deliver up to 30million in one meet. The only limit is how much you can afford when it comes to these legit fake money for sale.
It is part of our duty to continue guiding our clients both before during and after their purchase. We offer full customer support even after you buy legit counterfeit money for sale from us.
No they are not. No one knows we have them and know one knows their serials.
YES we will re-ship the package at no cost to you if it does not get to you. We have never lost a package within the USA or EU.
Trust is reciprocal and the subject of trust is one which is built only by doing business. And for business to fully work, we either meet up and deal in person or you pay to have your order shipped to you.
Unfortunately, nothing in this life is ever free not even the air we breathe. It comes at a cost. If its actually free then you are the product/service.
Being extravagant showing off your expensive lifestyle all over quickly draws the attention of the authority and before you know it booom "its the FBI open up". So keep it on the low unless you know what you are really doing?
Producing counterfeit money which possess all real money look and feel plus characteristics doesn't come cheap. From the raw materials, the paper used right up to the production process everything is costly. We give you full assurance and guarantee that placing our bills side by side with the real ones, no one will spot the difference. The high cost of production coupled with high quality of these bills, all account for the high prices.
Discounts are available the more you buy and also the higher your order is.
Most of the legit darknet market places have either been taken down or have "burned". The newer markets are just more or less "exit scams".

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Still More Questions To Ask?

Your question never got answered? Or you still got more questions to ask? No problem we are here and also ready to answer your questions. We try to cover everything on our website regarding these high quality fake money for sale, but in case your question wasn’t answered, then feel free to contact us. We are glad to help.

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