We provide You the Best Quality Counterfeit Money

We are a group of unique experts who manufacture Undetected Counterfeit Bank notes of all currencies. We have many years of experience in this field that’s why you can be absolutely sure that no matter what you order from us, you will always receive a high-quality , that meets the necessary standards and requirements.

With 13 years of experience in this network of currency business, we know your coming to this page is not accidental. We understand you have your different reasons for contacting us and wanting to buy our products. We are a very big network of who provide the world with business partnership, investment, raise capital, loans and many more business opportunities. We sell super notes of all currencies which do not fade and passes all counterfeit test. We can guarantee you with the best venture capital investors around the world with ready cash to work with you.

Our counterfeit banknotes pass all security checks so person can use it anywhere in any type of transactions. These counterfeit banknotes are provided different serial number and with such professionalism that it pass all security test like UV light and pen test method plus all other detection tests. Currency notes printed by us have all features of real currencies like security thread, holograms, see through register, shifting stripes and colors plus all usual elements in specific currencies.one special thing about counterfeit currency printed by us is it can be used in shopping malls, business transactions, amusements parks, taxi metro and bus fare. This counterfeit currency can be used without any hassle or tension.

Anyone can have or own a FAKE notes. What you do with it is up to you. Sometimes you just need to have them for entertainment or whatever(Some Security Purposes are necessary). We do not condone anything you do with product that may be illegal. Please use your own judgment. We sell super notes which can never and has never been detected by any light, machine, pen or counterfeit detectors. We understand and appreciate that you are concerned about privacy, particularly in relation to the use and disclosure of Personal Information.

We are committed to providing a high level of privacy in relation to all Personal Information that is collected by us. We are the sole owners of this website and we only collect information that you have voluntarily given us via our website, email and phone. You can be rest assured that your information will never be sold out to any other client or seen anywhere on the internet. We will only use your information for the purpose of which it’s intended for.

No sharing with any third party. Here you consider your privacy as one of the serious issue. Privacy actually means privacy. Our policy states that whatever information we collect from you is solely used to contact you only and will not be sold or shared with a third party under no condition. About all web servers track basic information for its visitors. These information can be IP and browser details, Time zone and pages but this is not limited to the above mentioned. The above information cannot identify visitors to this website.

Our Mission

The ethos of taking a traditional item and reworking it to create something modern gives a timeless quality to the clothes we sell.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world leading  and high quality counterfeit distributors in the globe, while offering our services to everyone who seek our solution.

Our History

This company which has its origin from Germany since 2004 has a staff of approximately 82 scientists, engineers, technicians and support staff and over 126 guest researchers annually.

Our Achievements

Since the conception of TOMAS, the company has achieved more than its initial aim at point of establishment in late 2004. Award Winning Lab for finance.